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I am Khaled Ibrahim Tayara. The person behind the acronym and these words you read.

At times, I'll use words that seem overly specific or niche terminology. However, this is not for the sake of sounding important. Accurate language is well thought through and I like to give everything the attention it deserves, and get yours.

My communication practices are a byproduct of my craft. Over the past 20 years, I have built a career in HR in different capacities, polishing my corporate experience at both national and multinational enterprises, co-founding the Human Resources Association of Lebanon and teaching the subject at several reputable academic institutions across the country.

This experience has taught me that contrary to my initial perception - and indeed perhaps yours as well, my craft is intrinsically building and managing human relations.

Effective human resources are effectual human relations in action and I look forward to helping you cultivate more genuine, successful and mutually enriching relations.

My Philosophy

Effective human resources are effectual human relations in action.

That being said, human relations are complex, unpredictable and delicate by nature. They require specific craftsmanship to guide and manage.

And so I do things unconventionally, tailored to each individual's specific story and each organization's particular culture.

There is no one-size-fits all HR program that works. The problems vary, as do their solutions. The only constants in my work are the values I advocate:


I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I say 'no' as easily as 'yes' and I say what must be said, to everyone alike.



My counterpart is always my partner and as such, their best interest is mine as well. More often than not, my involvement by far outlasts the completion of my assignment.



I listen intently and enthusiastically. This is how I learn about the people around me and in the process uncover and tap into their potential. This is how I not only grow them, but actually how I myself grow as person.


1. Human Relations Development

Talent Acquisition

I approach talent acquisition as an opportunity to connect like-minded individuals and organizations, where both the employee and employer add the maximum value to each other.


I like to work with talent on a one-on-one basis. This allows me to better identify potential and individual development using specific performance tools rather than general blueprints.

2. Human Relations Advisory


I offer organizations an outsider's look into their structure, providing them with the insight needed to see the bigger picture more clearly. This in turn enables me to help turn managers into leaders and bridge the gap between the organization's goals and human behavior.

3. Organizational Enhancement


I dig deep into partners' value chains and critical activities in order to identify their key activities. I do this so that I can help each understand how to retain key people. This starts with mapping processes, creating manuals or standard operating procedures but does not end there. There is always a long-term partnership that follows.

Khaled was able in a short period to give direction on how to build a solid foundation by creating an effective organizational structure and design, culture, an appropriate communication strategy and helping to move the organization to a completely different level and way of thinking. He was one of the main drivers for change.

Frida Farah

Management Consultant

Khaled is a visionary. He is certainly not a traditional colleague I worked with. He positively challenges the status quo by prioritizing, planning and executing impactful work. He stands among the few that I joined forces with to do the work of betterment in changing times.

Jean Pierre Katrib

Public Affairs Director at Quantum Communications

Khaled taught me that my personal standards should be on the same level of the ones of the company, and if the value of the company where I am working is lower than mine, I should pull myself out to keep my level high and professional. Career, experience, and professional reputation are much more important than money.

Elias Aouad

HR Business Partner in Majed Al Futaim group

Avec Khaled on ne peut que s’enrichir intellectuellement, rire de tout et de rien, ne pas se prendre au sérieux et passer de l’agrément au sérieux avec un professionnalisme toujours au rendez-vous.

Claude Abou Chedid

Responsible du Service Carriere à l’École Superieure des Affaires

Khaled was managing a 'motley crew' of a department - me included, where everyone came from a different background, with completely different personalities at a time when the company was undergoing a 'change management' process. Somehow Khaled managed to make it gel, and the HR Transformation that we managed at the time remains one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had

Jean Kouz

Group HR Manager at Nasco



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